Sany expands business in African market

01 June,2016

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As African countries' economy grows and the Belt and Road Initiative Strategy advances, Sany will embrace bigger development in Africa.

Xiao Jiang, general manager of Sany Heavy Industry in South Africa business unit, said so during a recent visit made by Chinese enterprises in South Africa, including Sany Group.

“Local customers in Africa are gradually familiar with products made in China. Chinese products are becoming reliable for our customers,” Xiao said.

444.jpgResponding the demands of market rapidly

In 2012, Sany established its South Africa business unit, expanding its business to more than 30 African countries in the southern and central areas of Africa.

The company chose five key markets - South Africa, Angola, Zambia, Congo and Ghana and major selling products - cranes, excavators and road rollers in Africa, putting more marketing and service resources into them.

Sany set up its first 6S store in Zambia , providing the most advanced marketing services and keeping customers free from concerns and worries.

Customers care after-sales support and parts supply the most, and Sany is improving customers’ view towards products made in China by establishing a complete sales and service system, Xiao said.

Apart from traditional engineering machinery, Sany is seeking cooperation with South African government and industrial sectors in the businesses such as housing industrialization, intelligent port, wind power, mining, oil gas and chemical projects.

To date, Sany's sales volume in south and central Africa has exceeded US $500 million and more than 4,000 Sany's units are in use. The market share and brand recognition of large tonnage crawler cranes, tramcars, and excavators are listing among the top in the industry.

Sany’s rapid development can't be achieved without local agents. The company seeks for project construction and builds brand image in South Africa by cooperating with local agents. It has had 13 agents and has built a complete sales channel.

Fulfilling the social responsibility in South Africa

Sany is endeavoring to shoulder its social responsibility in South Africa as well. On March 29, 2013, Sany took part in the rescue when a building collapsed in Dar-es-Salaam, the biggest city of Tanzania, which won appraise from the government of Tanzania.

Meanwhile, Sany plans to establish a technical training center with South Africa's Department of Labor, to help local people find jobs.

Key cases in South Africa

Kitwe–Chingola road construction in Zambia
Located in the Copperbelt Province in north Zambia, the Kitwe–Chingola road construction project plays a significant role in the transportation of copper. Almost 80% of the motor graders used in the Kitwe – Chingola construction project were from Sany, which won recognition and reputation in Zambia due to its user-friendliness, simple operation and high performance in all working conditions.

Road construction in Namibia
In 2014, fifteen units of Sany SHG-series graders participated in the construction of Namibia’ border bridge. The road is a part of the border line between Namibia and Angolar. After its completion, the road can accommodate vehicles and goods of more than 100,000 tons per month, which greatly improves the efficiency of bilateral trade. The easy maintenance and reliable quality make Sany’s equipment overcome the severe working condition in South Africa, winning recognition from local government and customers.

Kusile power plant in South Africa
The Kusile power plant is a key investment project of the South Africa energy department and the state electricity utility, Eskom. The Kusile power plant is the biggest facility in South Africa and the fourth largest coal-fired power plant in the world. Over 40 Sany machines were used at the site, including 100-ton, 150-ton, 250-ton, 400-ton, 630-ton and 750-ton crawler cranes, plus Sany 220-ton all-terrain cranes. This Sany SCC7500 crawler crane is the largest capacity China manufactured crane in Africa. All were impressed by its huge hoisting capacity and Sany’s product support.

Angola Luanda municipal water pipe system
The water pipe system is one of the largest municipal constructions in the city Luanda, Angola. One SANY HBT60 - 1818C trailer-mounted concrete pump was used in the construction site for nearly one year. SANY adopted advanced S-valve system; the seal ability is excellent and the equipment is easy to control and the service time is long. The user is very satisfied with the high stability of trailer-mounted concrete pumps.


SY75C-Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power
43/2100 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity

SY16C-Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power
11.2/2400 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity


Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity


Operating Weight

Engine Power
114/2050 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
0.83 m³