SANY Again Received National Quality Award

06 December,2014

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The Thirteenth National Conference on Pursuit of Excellence was held in Beijing on 3rd Nov. Sany Heavy Machinery under Sany Group was once again awarded the National Quality Award and was the only enterprise receiving this award in this industry. This was the second time in this year that SANY received an award for quality. Earlier on 18th August, Sany Group was also awarded the first National Nomination Award of Quality Award. Winning awards consecutively made SANY the first being awarded the Dual Quality Awards in the construction machinery industry.

It was reported that the Chinese National Quality Award was established in 2012 with the approval of the central government. The Quality Award and Nomination Award were established in the first award presentation in 2013 and were regarded as the greatest honor in the field of quality management in China. The Chinese Quality Society established the National Quality Award in 2001 and this award was an authority well recognized in all walks of life.

As the leading enterprise of construction machinery industry in China, SANY always uphold the mission of “Quality Changes the World”. It believes that “Quality is the starting point of value and esteem and quality is the only agenda that should not be compromised”. Other than ‘Innovation’ and ‘Service’, it regarded ‘Manufacturing’ as another main competitiveness.

Sany Heavy Machinery mainly manufactures excavators. The excavator assembly line established in Shanghai Port Industrial Park by Sany Heavy Machinery represents the highest quality standard in construction machinery manufacturing industry in China. It was deemed as a sample project demonstrating “Technology Drives Manufacturing”.

According to the Industrial User Satisfaction Level Evaluation by Chinese Quality Association in May and June of this year, eight categories of main products by Sany Heavy Industry including concrete machinery, road machinery, hoisting machinery were among the best. The theme of the National Pursuit of Excellence Meeting this year was “Scientific Development Achieving Quality Growth”, which is also the SANY’s winning strategy in the market. The market share of SANY’s concrete machinery was by far the largest in the world and that of excavators, crawler cranes, piling machinery, port machinery, large tonnage vehicles and hoisting machinery are among the largest in China.

It is known that more than 80 countries all over the world have established rewarding system for quality. Among them are renowned awards including the Baldrige National Quality Award in the US, Deming Award in Japan, European Quality Award, British Quality Award and etc. Practice has shown that the establishment of national quality award can encourage more enterprises to pursue excellence in quality and assist in overall quality improvement at the national level. The personnel in charge of quality in SANY said that “SANY will continue to move forward in improving quality and to help upgrade the manufacturing industry in China”.


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