How Excavator Attachments Make the Maximum Productivity


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Excavator is the best digging tool and widely used in house building, road construction, landscape engineering, mining and so on. The excellent performance of one excavator cannot separate with some important attachments, which makes the excavator reliable enough to handle various constructions in different working environments. Today we will introduce several excavator attachments that are mostly used in the constructions to see how these attachments make the maximum productivity.

1. Hydraulic Cutter

The hydraulic cutter is one of the best tools for dismantling. Made of hot rolled steel and powered by hydraulic system, the hydraulic cutter has super strength and can easily cut off the concrete block, rebar and figured steel. It is widely used in building demolition and concrete disassembly.

2. Excavator Ripper

Excavator ripper is mainly used to break hard soil, stones and rocks. It is mostly used in the mine with scattering rocks or hard stones. Made of high-strengthened steel, the ripper is a kind of powerful excavator attachment to be used in the toughest working environment.

3. Hydraulic Breaker

The hydraulic breaker is a special tool for breaking hard objects. The breaker is powered by the hydraulic pressure. It is mainly used in concrete breaking, highway repairing, cement breaking and so on.

4. Long Arm

The long arm is also a widely used excavator attachment and belongs to front-end working device Equipped with the long arm, the excavator can go higher and further where other machine cannot reach. It is widely used in building dismantlement, foundation works, river channel cleaning and so on.

5. Excavator Bucket

Bucket is the standard configuration of excavator, which is the mostly used attachment among the other parts. With teeth, the bucket is mainly used in digging, trenching, leveling and loading. In a word, the bucket plays an irreplaceable role in excavator practical application.



SY26U-Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity

SY215C-Tier 3

Operating Weight

Engine Power
118/2050 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
0.93 m³

SY135C-Tier 2

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity


Sold Only In North American Market

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity