SANY SCP160G the German-made 16 ton forklift truck


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SANY SCP160G, the 16 ton capacity forklift truck is designed and produced in SANY Europe's mobile port equipment manufacturing facility in Bedburg, Germany, serving the European and developed markets.

The SCP160G forklift truck has a Volvo TAD 572 VE four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with rated power of 217hp or 160kw at 2300rpm, and torque of 910Nm at 1450rpm. The turbo-intercooled engine is not only more fuel efficient but it meets the Tier 4 Final emission regulations more effectively. The 3-speed Dana Clark transmission operated by a toggle switch has the forward/backward tilt, moreover the lower part of the column angle can also be altered and operated by a foot lever. The forklift is also equipped with Kessler axle and load sensing hydraulic systems supplied by Parker Hydraulics.


SANY R&D team must have attached great importance to the forklift operator ergonomics and comfort. Air-conditioning and heating cab, suspension seat, excellent vision all around the forklift truck and fingertip controls to reduce fatigue, the SCP160G provides all weather protection and incredible control to the operator.

The forklift not only has front and back wipers/washers, a 180°glass front but a windscreen wiper/washer system atop the cab so that the operator can clearly see a raised load. Besides, the cab is located forward and its height from the ground allows the operator to see almost the entire length of the fork lines. The suspension seat with armrests and safety colored seat belt is large enough to make you feel comfortable, and sense absolutely no vibration.

The centralized joystick control is favored by European operators. With thumb switches atop the CAN BUS joystick, the forklift operator can easily control the fork raise/lower, mast rake, fork line side shift and in or out for precise positioning relative to load. In addition, a digital interface panel is right aside the joystick, showing you the real-time key parameters including not only speed, engine revs, and the usual data but also transmission and hydraulic oil temperatures.

The 16 ton capacity forklift is a heavy-duty machine with much weight located around the front-end and mast, durable and capable even in the most hard applications. It features automatic revolutions increase without touching the accelerator pedal, which significantly facilitate the material handling efficiency. Meanwhile, the tight turning radius allows the operator to position the forklift truck exactly the place he wanted to lift up or place the load to in a storage yard.

Many options of accessories are also offered besides the standard configuration. Masts in different heights, different fork dimensions, tire pressure monitoring system, rear parking sensors, customized painting and many other features make SANY forklift have wide appeal in high-end market. 



SY16C-Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power
11.2/2400 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity


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40/2100 kW/rpm

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