Empty container handlers create value for you


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Empty container handler is one of the most commonly used material handling equipment in port terminals, and SANY empty container handler is a workhorse in the container yard. With expansive visibility and many cab comfort features, the container handlers are as easy on the operator as they are tough on the workload.

Powered by high-torque Cummins diesel engines and built on Kessler drive axles, SANY empty container handlers deliver the power, smooth operation and durability that operators expect. The load-sensing hydraulic system calculates the exact power needed for quick, smooth operation. The fast-activating locking mechanism and torsion-resistant frame help the handling machine efficiently lift and stack 20- to 40-foot containers with precision.


Anti-jamming features and a rollover protection system boost operator confidence. The operator cab is a blend of comfort and control, with the high-resolution monitor and all machine functions within easy reach. Superior visibility and low in-cab noise gives you the first class operator experience. Moreover, we provide you a variety of container spreaders that match your business need.

Single container spreader

SANY SDJ90 series spreaders of 9t rated capacity, 3.9t or 4.6t in weight are used for empty container handler to stack, load and unload international standard 20' or 40' container. With±600mm side shift range, the container spreader is mature in technology, steady and reliable, meeting working requirement in various ports and wharfs.

Twin Container Spreader

SANY twin container spreaders including 5t SDJT90 and 6.2t SDJT100-D1 are used for empty container handler to load and unload 20' or 40' twin container or single container. It gives operator a broad field of vision for positioning, which made it safe, steady and highly efficient.

Hurdling Spreader

SANY 5t hurdling spreader with rated capacity of 9t, ±600mm side shift range is a loading and unloading attachment specially used for container truck with fence to transport containers. We develop and manufacture the single and twin hurdling container series attachments, perfectly solving the problems under special work conditions.


SY35U-Tier 4i

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity


Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity

SY50U-Tier 4F

Operational Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity

SY215C-Tier 4i

Operating Weight

Engine Power
128/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
0.93 m³