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Sany Construction Machinery Used in Qatari National Reservoir Project


A number of Sany machines, including excavators, motor graders and trailer pumps, were used in an impounding reservoir construction project commissioned as a strategic national water reservation facility in Qatar.


The constructors and machine operators were greatly impressed by Sany machinery, particularly remarking on the machines' design detail and excellent performance. The machines were used to perform digging, loading and smashing at the work site, exhibiting high-level strength, efficiency and durability with each task.

All the excavators performed very well despite extremely high local temperatures that ranged between 30–50°C (86–122 ºF). Sany also provided comprehensive after-sales services, ensuring that the Qatari customers had timely and reliable service support throughout the project.

One of the operators at the job site who is from India was particularly impressed by the fact that the Sany excavators were equipped with a quartering hammer — a design element rarely seen on excavators sold in India. The quartering hammer are designed with added strength from combining hydraulic pressure with nitrogen, and was able to prevail over Qatar's stony, hot and dry operating conditions.


Unlike other quartering hammers, Sany's is highly durable and able to withstand the rigor of the most-challenging work conditions as seen in Qatar. Built with precision-engineered high-quality components that have gone through thermal treatment, the quartering hammer's service life is extended, along with that of the excavator as a whole.