Test-driving of SY16C: solid in structure, smooth in operating, simple in maintenance


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David Cordier has been worked in the engineering industry for many years. When he learned that SANY unveiled a new model of 1.6 ton excavator, SY16C, he decided to have a look and test the working performance by himself.

First impression of the machine from David was that it looks like a mix of a few makes but seems a nice machine on the whole. The structure of the machine is solid but fairly simple compared to some of the leading brands. “It’s sometimes not a bad thing”, said David. From his aspect, easily reachable service access is of great significance for a operator, and for more in depth repairs such as hoses, everything seams simple to gain access to with just a few panels removed.

Then he jumped on the machine, and found there’s an ample room, quite spacious and all controls fall to hand easily. The seat felt slightly hard but was comfortable. To the right, there’s a temp display and hour metre that changes between hours and fuel level percentage along with all the switches for track extension, two-level speed and lights.

“When operating it, it feels smooth with the demand pump handling everything I asked from it and was quite precise.” David said.

Why not? The reach was good and even with a 3 ton grader fitted, it still felt stable.

“From a lot of new machines, I have found them slow and underpowered especially while tracking but the SANY SY16C was powerful even while pushing with the blade it took in its stride with laboring the Yanmar engine. The blade control felt very smooth and responsive as well as falling to hand nicely when required.”

Overall, David felt this would become a hot sale for any hire fleet. The test drive of SANY excavator made a good impression on him, and he was considering recommending it to more operators in need.

Test-driving of SY16C


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Engine Power
128/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
0.93 m³


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