SANY crane machine proves high lifting performance in wind turbine installation


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On Aug 27, 2016, SANY SSC1020C dedicated wind turbine installation crane machine successfully lifted 62 ton 2MW wind turbines to 100 meters high in only 1.5 days. The record-breaking lifting efficiency and superior performance in tough working conditions impressed the customer and all the workers on site.

As SANY’s star product, it features high reliability, gradeability, efficiency, lifting capacity of wind turbines, and low transportation cost.

SSC1020C crane machine is equipped with all-terrain 8-axle chassis, pillar plus double telescopic boom structure, double slewing tables, double drawplate balancing structure and foldable support outrigger, making it a reliable crane machine.  

It achieves 30% gradeability, much faster to move between different job sites. With the 3 meters width and 14 meters turning radius, SSC1020C crane machine has wider road adaptability than the big crawler cranes of the same tonnage and can fully operate on the narrow roads in the wind farms in mountainous areas.

High efficiency is another salient feature of SSC1020C. It’s much faster and more convenient for the crane machine to shift from non-working to working mode, only needs to take off the 105 ton counterweight to change jobsites and finish the whole lifting task in just 1.5 days.

SSC1020C only needs one machinery and five flatcars for the road transportation. In addition, within the jobsite, only 6 counterweights need to be taken off, and the whole machinery can be moved together with the components, enormously reducing the transportation cost.

SSC1020C crane machine is fully capable of lifting the nacelle of 2MW wind turbines, and even that of 2.5 MW when main boom at 14 meter radius. It has low requirement of the area of installation platform, which huge reduces the construction cost in the early stage of TierⅢ and Ⅳ wind farms.

SANY crane machine proves high lifting performance in wind turbine installationSANY crane machine proves high lifting performance in wind turbine installation




5 ton Wheel Loader

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Bucket Capacity

SY35U-Tier 4i

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SY135C-Tier 2

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SY235C-Tier 2

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128.5/2100 kW/rpm

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1.2 m³