SANY SCC2600A crawler crane supports the thermal power construction in Brazil


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This SANY SCC2600A crawler crane was the second hoisting machine purchased by Makro company in Brazil. The first SCC2600A crawler crane was bought for wind power construction. The excellent performance of the first crawler crane won the recognition of the customer and they decided to buy a second one for thermal power generation project.

The project was undertaken by the Italian Maire Tecnimont Project Company with a total investment of US $1.3billion and estimated to be completed within 3 threes since 2008. The total installed capacity of the thermal power plant reaches nearly 1000MW, greatly meeting the electricity demands for the residents in Northern Brazil.

When the SCC2600A 260 ton crawler crane was transported at the thermal power plant, SANY had already sent professional after-sales engineers to assist the local operators to install and test the machine. The engineers adjusted the crawler crane’s main boom to 61.5 meters high and the extended the jib boom to 40 meters high. After the commissioning, the operators were provided with operation and security training, which ensured the operators’ safety to a large extent.

At the jobsite, this 260 ton crawler crane was mainly responsible for hoisting the welded cage on the ground to the high position for manual welding. In the whole construction process, the machine always kept in smooth operation and won the high praise from the contractor.

The maximum rated lifting capacity of the crawler crane is 260 ton with maximum rated lifting moment of 1470.4t·m. The machine also highlights for its easy transportation. The transport weight of main machine is within 45 tons, the transport width and height is less than 3m and 3.2m, significantly reducing transportation cost and time.




SY60C-Tier 4F

Overall Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity

SY135C-Tier 2

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity

SY265C-Tier 4F/ EU Stage IV

Engine power
142 kW / 2000 rpm

Operating Weight
25500 kg

Ground Pressure
39.3 KPa

SY215C (Long Reach)

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity
0.45 m³