17 Sany Mining Trucks Used at Tunisian Phosphate Mines

Construction Date: 20150707
Product Model:SRT95C off-highway truck
Category: Mining Machinery 

In 2014, Compagnie des Phosphates de Gafsa (CPG), one of the largest Tunisian state-owned enterprises, which is also the world’s fifth-largest phosphate producer, purchased 17 Sany SRT95C off-highway mining trucks, valued at US$22.2 million.

17 Sany Mining Trucks Used at Tunisian Phosphate Mines

Phosphate extraction is the most important mining sector in Tunisia, and CPG supplies around 80% of its phosphate production to the local GCT processing plant. Sany's SRT95C machines are used for heavy-duty hauling work at the 5 phosphate fields that CPG operates in Mdhilla, Metlaoui, Moularès and Redeyef.

17 Sany Mining Trucks Used at Tunisian Phosphate Mines

Sany’s 95-ton off-highway truck is built to be durable and stable enough to operate effectively in tough working conditions like the ones found in the Gafsa Governorate where CPG conducts its operations. The machine offers high torque, short axial distance, strong passing ability and adaptability.

Sany North Africa uses a strong network of dealers to distribute Sany machines in Tunisia, and works closely with Sany’s mining machinery department to ensure the manufacture of high-quality machines, fast machine delivery, reliable after-sales service and ready supply of dump truck components to Sany customers in Tunisia.

17 Sany Mining Trucks Used at Tunisian Phosphate Mines

When the dump trucks were manufactured in October 2014, Sany invited CPG’s staff to visit its factory and get a closer look at Sany machinery. The Sany team paid attention to product feedback from CPG, and used it as valuable information to further tailor its products and services to meet customer demands.

Sany also provided the Tunisian operators and technicians with machine operation and maintenance training for safe and efficient machine operation. Guided by the philosophy of "Creating more customer value,” Sany sees providing operator training as good platform to do this.

Sany's SRT95C off-highway truck has helped increase operational efficiency and job-site productivity at CPG’s operations. Sany North Africa continues to offer timely and reliable after-sales service to the Tunisian company, including ongoing service training.

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