SANY excavators promote 's construction and mining projects

Construction Date: 2016/07/01
Location:Bijar/ Khorramabad/ Luristan,
Product Model:SY210C, SY215C9
Category: Excavators 

SANY SY215C used in the limestone ore field project in Khorramabad.jpg

A number of SANY excavators were used in the construction projects in . In July of 2016, SANY SY210C was used in the gas pipeline project in Bijar. It was mainly used for slotting and digging. At the same time, a SANY SY215 was used for earthwork loading in the limestone ore field project in Khorramabad. SANY SY215C9 also attended the Luristan gas pipeline project and was used for broken. The constructors and machine operators were greatly impressed by all these three SANY excavators. SANY machines had won the high appreciation by their design details, high efficiency and excellent performance. 

SY210C 21 ton excavator features strengthened structure, undercarriage and components, making it very robust and reliable. Low maintenance cost and high fuel efficiency of the SY210C medium excavator help customers make more profit. 

The innovative controller of SY215C9 is with faster consumption and more accuracy which reduces the response time of hydraulic element, lowers the internal power loss of the system and increases the operating output power. The positive flow controlled by hydraulic system considerably reduces fuel consumption. Advanced computer dynamic control technology provides a real-time match between engine power and main pump power. Four power modes maximize fuel economy. Enhanced work equipment can bear high pressure of quality hydraulic elements and circuits, and strengthen the digging force.

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Overall Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity
1.2 m³


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Engine Power

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Engine Power

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