SANY single-drum roller glitters in Grêmio Arena

SANY Single Drum Roller, featuring large exciting force, sound operational conditions adaptability and high construction efficiency, perfectly completed the overall pavement compaction work.

September 16,2020,Brazil

SANY forklift trucks in Mexico

SANY forklift trucks work efficiently in Mexico.

January 01,2015,Mexico

Forklift trucks at Guatemala's Port of San Jose

SANY delivered 6 units of heavy-duty forklift trucks to Port of San Jose, the second largest port of Guatemala, a breakthrough for SANY Port Machinery in local market.

January 01,2015,Port of San Jose, Guatemala

SY365C completes high-rigidity ore crushing in Peru’s Hierro iron mine project

The SY365C, SANY’s hot sale 36.1-ton large-sized excavator was employed to undertake the ore crushing work in the Hierro iron mine project.

May 11,2011,Marcona region, Peru

Pucamarca Gold Mine Road Construction

February 01,2012,Tacna, Peru

Housing Project

June 01,2005,

Vale Road Construction in Piura Mines

February 01,2013,Piura, Peru

New Tunnel Copper Mine Tunnel Construction

September 25,2013,El Teniente, Chile