SANY SET230 Electrically Wheeled Mining Dump Truck Works in Nanfen Iron Mine of BX Steel

SANY SET230 electrically wheeled mining dump truck Works in Nanfen Iron Mine of BX Steel . This 230ton mining truck is designed for comfort, built to last.

Liaoning BX Steel

SANY SRT45 Mining Dump Truck Works in Zhenjiang Jiangsu Coal Mine

SANY SRT45 mining dump truck works in Jiangsu coal mining area with it’s high performance and low cost.

September 16,2020,Zhenjiang, Jiangsu

SANY SRT95 And SRT55C Mining Dumper Truck Work in Muli Qinghai

SANY SRT95 and SRT55C mining dumper trucks work in Muli, Qinghai Mine. SANY mining trucks specifically for work in highland areas mines.

Muli, Qinghai

SANY SRT95 Mining Truck Works in Sichuan Panzhihua

SANY SRT95 is mining truck with high efficiency and low energy consumption. SRT95 mining trucks work in Sichuan Panzhihua for a very long time.

Sichuan Panzhihua

SANY SRT95 Mining Dump Truck Works At Shenhua Ningmei

SANY SRT95 95 ton mining dump truck works at Shenhua Ningmei Mine

Shenhua Ningmei

SANY SRT55C Mining Truck Works in Shannxi Molybdenum Mine

SANY SRT55C 55 ton mining truck works in Shannxi Jindui Molybdenum Mine.

September 16,2020,Shannxi Jindui Molybdenum Mine
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