SANY road rollers aid in building the most dangerous dam in the world

Construction Date: 2016/11
Location:China, Szechwan
Product Model:road rollers
Category: Road Machinery 

Liang Hekou hydropower station, located in Yajiang county of Szechwan province in southwest China, is regarded as the most dangerous earth and rockfill dam project in the world at the highest altitudes with the total installed capacity of three million kilowatt. On Nov 1, 2016, the dam’s core wall started to fill the dam, marking that the main structure of the hydropower station begun construction. Seven units of SANY road rollers have been used for rolling the core wall, which won the recognition of the customer because of its stable performance and considerate service. 


SANY road roller endures the test of non-stop operation 

Liang Hekou literally in Chinese means the juncture of two rivers. Therefore the hydropower station is located 3.2 kilometers below the confluence of the Ya-lung River and Xianshui River. It is extremely difficult to build a 295 meters high hydropower station between the steep cliffs at the altitude of nearly 3000 meters high with the severe environment.

The total dam’s filling volume is 43 million cubic meters which is nearly the volume of six National Stadiums in Beijing. During the construction, the 26 ton road roller is responsible for the compaction of the core wall and 33 ton for the rockfill layer. SANY road rollers have to work 24 hour a day without stop due to the huge workload and short construction time.

The work hour for SANY’s road roller is about 4000 a year that is twice the workload compared with other projects. These road rollers almost work 24 hours per day operated by double-shift workers, which require high standard performance for the equipment’s quality and stability.” SANY sales man Li Jiang in charge of Liang Hekou project said.

SANY service engineer stayed on site to provide instant support

Since the jobsite is located in the remote mountain area, SANY specially sent resident service engineers on site to ensure the road rollers’ smooth operation.

It is particularly crucial for the equipment’s after-sale service in such remote jobsite. It makes us feel at ease since SANY sent professional after sales engineer to provide round the clock service.”  The contractor speaks highly of SANY’s machines and service.


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