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“Star of the Month” for November - The “Good Teacher”
11 November, 2022

In February 2019, the defense department of the Philippines purchased 165 units of various SANY machines which, since their delivery, have been widely involved in many reconstruction projects after natural disasters and civil wars in the country.

Given that the Philippines military has little knowledge and hands-on experience in the operation and maintenance of cranes, SANY proposed a comprehensive training session which was approved and organized by the Department of Engineering of the military.

He Shidi, an experienced senior service engineer, hosted the 8-hour session for 34 trainees who mainly included operators and maintenance staff from the department. Theoretical knowledge of the equipment, operation principles, crane maintenance tips and practicum hours were integrated in the session. 

He Shidi received recognition from the military for the effectiveness and timeliness of the training he delivered. 

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