10 March,2017 SANY Group

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3ESPACE, the flagship project of SANY Foundation, recently announced to upgrade its strategy by building “an innovative and effective support ecosystem of charity activities”. It covers three levels of community, incubation and funding and is leading the charity support standards in China.

The upgraded support system has covered charity actions of various levels. First, the community targets those who just start to pay attention to charities, therefore, offers a favorable environment for them to grow and explore. Second, at the incubation level, 3ESPACE works with charity startup to verify the program’s validity for the steady development of the organizations. Third, the funding will be focused on the charity programs that have finished model verification and could drive an effective solution of social problems. In addition, 3ESPACE sets up no funding restrictions at all on the fields, subjects and registration forms of the charity programs, explained by the 3ESPACE team.

Since its establishment in 2015, 3ESPACE has been proactively exploring the most effective approaches to support charity activities. It has worked with numerous organizations that endeavor to solve social problems with innovative programs.

“The true value of charity actions are what SANY Foundation and 3ESPACE concern most. We asses the true value of the charity programs and then offer a systematic support of capital and resource,” SANY Foundation President of Directors Liang Zaizhong said.

Themed of “Connected for Real Good”, 3ESPACE in 2017 will build on its efforts to provide comprehensive, practical and swift assistance to charity organizations of various levels.




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