SANY Initiates Global Spokesperson Project, Inviting Them to Join 2016 Industrial Tour

08 December,2016 SANY Group

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SANY inaugurated the Global Spokesperson project this November by inviting four of SANY's global spokespeople to take a seven day tour to three of China's major cities, Beijing, Shanghai and Changsha.

The project aims to demonstrate SANY's strength and power in the Global platform. Through these four spokespeople's influential initiatives and their promotion in the local market, SANY and its achievements and milestones can be more well-known to the world.

"China's past twenty years of architectural history is also SANY's equipment development history, since SANY has participated in many epoch-making and world-level construction projects. But few of them were known by the world. We hope this opportunity can help the world learn more about SANY," remarked Mr. Zhang, SANY's organizer of the project.

The four spokespeople are from the heavy equipment industry in the United States and Europe. "Having worked in American's construction machinery industry for many years, I have always dreamed of seeing the industry's development in China. It is really a precious opportunity for me and our magazine, as SANY has made such a thorough arrangement for this industrial tour," said Mr. Chris Hill, editor in chief of Equipment World Magazine and one of the spokespeople.

Their tour began from the 632-meter high Shanghai Tower, whose concrete was pumped by 18 sets of SANY concrete pumps, thereby attaining the record of delivering 61,000 cubic meters of concrete baseplate within 60 hours with zero failure in this project.

In Changsha, where SANY headquarters is located, they visited the No. 18 intelligent manufacturing factory, which is the largest intelligent manufacturing plant in Asia, and got acquainted with how the smart Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software efficiently manages the factory-floor production.

According to the organizer, this project will be held each year, and SANY Group will bear all the expenses, for the selected global spokespeople to travel around China and become more familiar with SANY.

About SANY Group

SANY Group (SANY), which has its global headquarters in China, is a world leading heavy machinery manufacturer with plants in the US,Germany, Brazil and India, and business covering over 100 countries and regions worldwide. The company has been recognized as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world, and its concrete machinery is ranked No. 1 globally.




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0.93 m³


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0.45 m³