SANY pump trucks prove superior efficiency in Iranian National Library project


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One unit of SANY SY5292THB/37 pump truck took part in the construction of the Iranian national library in 2008. The national library lies in the center of Teheran, capital city of Iran, which was completed in 2010.

The construction site is located on a hillside, increasing the difficulty for pumping. SANY service engineers spent a great amount of time and effort to ensure the concrete pump can operate well under the harsh condition. Finally, the high productivity and stable performance of SANY SY5292THB/37 pump truck won the recognition of the contractor, Kayson Company. The project manager highly praised that SANY’s products quality have exceeded some well-known brands.

SANY pump trucks adopt three core technologies for optimized precise positioning and braking, which upgrade the efficiency to a higher level. To begin with, one button stabilization technology enables the boom to stop steadily and immediately with only one button, no matter how much vibration the boom incurs after being moved. And the terminal hose exercises quick and precise positioning. In addition, the boom anti-vibration technology effectively mitigates the boom jittering during the pumping process and decreases the boom’s rotary swing amplitude by 60%, which helps realize unprecedented precise braking. Third, the anti-swing control technology of the pump truck integrates German Putzmeister technology, which decreases amplitude of boom vibration by 50% and makes the terminal hose run more steadily.